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How to Reinstate your Benefits a Second Time

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My SSD benefits have stopped and I’ve become disabled a second time. What can I do?

In the unfortunate re-occurrence of the same disability, you will need to reapply for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. The process would be the same, however, depending on your medical condition and the time elapsed since your previous benefits approval, you will need to gauge which of these scenarios you fall into:

Scenario 1

Not more than five years have passed since you were first approved for SSD benefits

In this case, an instant reopening of your social security disability claim is possible. This means that if it hasn’t been over five years since your first application was approved for SSD benefits, the processing of a new round of payouts may commence at the onset date of your new disability. The review and approval process for this application might take a couple of months in some cases, but you can be assured that such cases generally receive a favorable determination.

In the first disability application, applicants received their first disability payment 5 months after the onset date of disability.  In the case of a second disability, payments are initiated from the onset date of disability. You don’t need to wait for 5 months to receive SSD benefits.

Scenario 2

More than five years have passed since you were first approved for SSD benefits

In this case, your application for SSD benefits will be treated as a new case. There will be the typical 5 months waiting period before benefits begin, although most people don’t notice this waiting period because it takes that long, and often longer, for the SSD process to reach a determination on your case.

Need help in filing your SSD application? Whether you’re applying for benefits on a recurring disability or a new one, we can help you get through the paperwork and present your case in a favorable light.

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