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Benefits Before You Turn 18

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When I turn 18, will I still continue to receive the disability benefits that I am receiving now?

If you are a child (under the age of 18) you may receive social security benefits because a parent is disabled. However, when you turn 18 these benefits will stop. If you are still in high school your benefits may continue until you are 19 years and 2 months but as an adult you will no longer be eligible to receive child benefits through your parent’s disability.


Child vs. adult disability benefits

SSDI program pays child adult disability benefits to children over 18 if their disability began before the age of 22. These benefits are paid out from either parent’s social security earnings which are why they are still called social security “child” benefits. Your child does not need his/her own social security earnings to get these benefits which they can receive for as long as the disability remains. The disability is determined using the SSDI disability rulings for adults.


Step children and grandchildren are allowed to receive SSDI benefits if the person, through whom social security benefits are to be received, is a legal guardian. The only difference between child disability benefits and adult disability benefits is that children receive the benefits through a parent’s social security work credits rather than their own.


Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits

Some children receive disability benefits under SSI income program which is awarded to people with low income and limited resources. Children who have a physical or mental condition that meets the SSI’s definition of disability for children can receive SSI disability benefits, provided the child’s income does not exceed the limitation set by SSI.


When disabled children receiving SSI benefits turn 18, their disability will be reviewed by the Social Security Administration and a redetermination process will be set in motion. In this redetermination process adult disability rules which include medical and non-medical assessments, will be applied. They may be able to qualify for adult SSI benefits based on their own right if the disability prevents them from earning at least $1,090/month gross (2015).


Request for a Free Disability Evaluation


If you would like to know more about disability benefits after a child turns 18, request for a free disability evaluation today. We’re here to help you understand the disability entitlements you can qualify for under Social Security and to help you get approved.