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Family Entitled SSDI Benefits

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Yes, certain family members may qualify for receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits after having provided proof of their relationship to you. The amount of SSDI benefits your family members are entitled to receive depends on how much your SSDI benefits are and how many members there are in your family who would like to receive benefits. The maximum each family member is entitled to receive is up to 50 percent of your disability rate. It’s good to note here that your benefits will NOT be affected by this.


Here’s a list of family members who qualify to receive benefits if you are receiving SSD benefits:


  • A spouse who is 62 or older or caring for your child who is under 16 or is disabled and receiving Social Security benefits for his/her disability.
  • Your ex-spouse can qualify for benefits if you have been married for at least 10 years and he/she is still unmarried (even though you may be re-married), is 62 or more, and if the Social Security benefits he/she is entitled to on his/her own record is not equal or higher.
  • Unmarried children also qualify for benefits if they are under 18, or still in high school up to the age of 19, or if the child is 18 or older and suffers from a disability that began before the age of 22. This disability definition must meet the same requirements for disability as defined by the Social Security Administration.


The Social Security benefits for disability that your family members receive will in no way affect your own benefits.


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