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SSDI Monthly Payments

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The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program (also called the Social Security Disability, SSD) offers financial assistance to those who are suffering from total disability extending to a year or more. The average SSDI monthly payments for those who qualify is $1,500 a month.


The amount of SSDI benefits you receive depends on how much you have contributed to the Social Security system. Numerous factors are taken into consideration including the number of years you have been working and the amount deducted for Social Security taxes which varies depending on the amount of salary you received. In general, the higher your salary and the longer you have worked under Social Security contributing jobs the higher SSDI monthly payment you would receive.


You can get an estimate of how much of a payment you are likely to receive each month by looking at your annual Social Security Statement.  If you do not have a Statement, you can request for a copy by contacting the Social Security Administration office online, in person, or by mail.  You can also calculate your estimated SSDI monthly benefits by using an online calculator.


If you think you are entitled to SSDI benefits, fill out our free form to get into contact with an advocate who will help you fight for your right to receive assistance.