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SSI and Premature Children

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Can you receive SSI benefits for premature children?


Yes, you are entitled to receive immediate Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for premature babies (born before 37 weeks) if your child has a low birth weight. If your baby is premature and has low birth weight, or has cerebral palsy you can automatically qualify for benefits through the SSI program. The SSA recognizes that such babies are in immediate need of medical care and attention.


How long do SSI benefits last for premature babies? You will receive SSI benefits for up to six months and free medical care under Medicaid.


Low birth weight is usually associated with premature babies but some premature babies do not have a low birth weight. Such premature infants may still receive SSI benefits but they will have to wait for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to make a determination on the case. It can take 3 to 5 months for SSA to make a decision.


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