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Heart Problems that Qualify for Social Security Disability

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What Heart Problems Qualify for Social Security Disability?

Any disease, congenital or acquired, that affects the functions of the heart or the cardiovascular system may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD, also known as Social Security Disability Insurance, SSDI) benefits.

Heart problems that are eligible for disability benefits may include:

  • Chronic heart failure (congestive heart failure). In order to qualify for SSD benefits your heart needs to be performing at 30 percent or less.
  • Ischemic heart disease which is a pre-heart attack condition.
  • Aneurism or bulge in the artery that can burst any time due to weak arterial walls.
  • Arteriosclerosis or the thickening of the arterial walls that can cause blockages.

Other heart problems that Social Security Disability may cover are ventricular dysfunction, myocardial ischemia, syncope caused by a cardiac problem, central cyanosis, and any disorders of the veins or arteries.

You will need to show that your heart problem puts you at high risk of a cardiac event should you take on any kind of work. Take the help of an advocate who is knowledgeable about heart problems and disability benefits. They know exactly what kind of medical evidence should be submitted to the Social Security disability office to increase your chances of getting benefits.

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