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Can I get an Attorney?

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Am I allowed to have an attorney represent me at all stages of the application?


Yes, you can have an attorney represent you at all stages of your claims process for Social Security Disability (SSD, also known as Social Security Disability Insurance, SSDI). In fact, you are strongly recommended to seek representation right from the initial claims application to the federal court hearing.


A disability lawyer at the initial claims process will help you fill out the application forms and guide you with all the information you need from your medical practitioner. He or she may even advise you to get more tests done to build up your case using specific terminology that disability examiners and Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) are looking for (look to our specific state pages for any differences that you may have in the process).


If your initial application is denied and you would like to contest the determination, a disability attorney can represent you legally. They will request a reconsideration hearing, or Federal court review, and help you at each stage of the appeals process interpreting communications and giving you professional advice as to how you should proceed. It is extremely helpful and many times more successful to go through a disability lawyer rather than appeal on your own.  A disability attorney is well-versed in the SSD process knowing how and what kind of cases are won.  Their inside knowledge can be prove to be very useful in getting your case approved.


Get a Free Disability Evaluation today!


You can ask for a disability lawyer at any stage of the disability application process. For a FREE disability Evaluation, simply fill out the form and a disability advocate in your area will contact you within 24 hours. There is no obligation or fees involved. These legal services are absolutely free. Why take the chance of getting denied disability benefits and delay in receiving benefits by applying on your own when you can get legal representation free of cost? Statistics show that having a disability advocate is likely to increase your chances of being approved for SSD benefits.