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Hearing Stage of Social Security Disability

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What happens during the hearing stage of the Social Security Disability application process?

It is important to submit a request for a Social Security Disability (SSD) hearing within the 60-day stipulated time period. After 60 days, the disability claims process will need to start all over again, right from the initial application (up to 90 to 120 days) to the reconsideration (up to 3 to 5 months).

What to expect at a Social Security Disability Hearing

At the hearing stage your claim for disability benefits passes from the claims processors to an administrative law judge (ALJ).

When you file for an appeal it is extremely helpful to have a disability attorney represent your case at this stage. Attorneys are well-versed in the hearing process and know exactly what information the judges are looking for to increase your chances of winning the case. They will advise and give tips during the Social Security disability hearing that will put your case in a more favorable light before the judge. About two-thirds of cases at this stage are awarded disability benefits and most of them are legally represented.

You are allowed to bring witnesses to support your case during the hearing but whether your witnesses will be allowed to testify or whether their testimonies will be considered in the determination process is up to the ALJ.

The hearing process may take more than a year. If you are still denied your claim at the hearing, the next stage in the appeals process is the Appeals Office and if they deny benefits the fourth and final stage is the Federal District Court.

If you have been denied SSD benefits and would like to make an appeal, request for a FREE Evaluation right now. Our Social Security disability advocates are here to help you get what the law has entitled you to receive.

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